2nd Annual Wisdom from the Origins

The Dance of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine
The Evolution of Consciousness Post-2012

Fall 2013
Exact Date and Location TBA

Wisdom from the Origins Live Streamed Video
The conference is now over, but on-demand streaming of main sessions is still available! View More / Register
All presenters have been asked to be in service to the People at this critical time in human history. We have asked them to give of their knowledge and wisdom in order to enable and empower the People to be in a state of readiness for the future.
The conference begins with day-long Opening Ceremonies at Chaco Canyon National Historical Park, considered to be a place of original emergence for many tribes in the Southwest and now designated as a World Heritage site. The main conference concludes on Monday, September 17th, followed by post-conference workshops on September 18th. «CollapseView More
Plan to stay on September 18th for one or more post-conference workshops. Workshops and presenters include: Ac Tah, exploring the concept of the labyrinth as a mirror of the soul (at Stardreaming in Santa Fe); Ohki Siminé Forest, leading participants in an understanding, through the Mayan earth goddess Coatlicue, of the essential teachings of the 7 mirrors and 7 obstacles; and Maya calendar expert José Jaramillo, accompanied by Tata Pedro Cruz, examines The Alignment Within: Living in Tune with the Mayan Calendar. «CollapseView More

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